A DIY Android Car Computer

I normally don’t do this. There are lots of people who talk about what they’re going to be doing instead of doing it. Indie game “developers” are the worst–you can see forums filled with ideas for fantastic games that are far too ambitious to ever be implemented. The indie devs who actually release something are the ones who are typing code rather than forum posts until they have something that mostly works.

So I’ve broadly followed Steve Jobs’ rule of never talking about what you’re working on until it’s nearly finished.

In this case, I’ve decided to break that rule. I’ll be blogging about my DIY Android Car Computer project, documenting individual steps.  The reasons are:

  • I’m more of a software guy, and this gets into hardware territory that I’m somewhat unfamiliar with.  If I run into problems, I’ll probably have to talk about the project details in order to get help, anyway.
  • If I can generate a bit of a following, it might motivate me to see the project through to completion
  • Provides public documentation of all the steps so others can base their own projects on it

I’ll follow up with technical details in another post soon.  As a quick overview, I plan on using PandaBoard with Android 4.0 to put a computer into my 2004 Mazda RX-8 in place of the factory stereo head unit.


About frezik

Programmer, wannabe race car driver
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